Treasure Planet ★★★½

This was really good standing on its own, but it also felt so different that it became even better
Disney should make more stuff like this even if it isn’t financially as successful, because even when they go slightly out of their wheelhouse, it’s successful in some way
All the ingredients of a classic Disney film are here, but some are undercooked and some are overcooked
I personally think revealing the truth about Silver so early takes away some impact from moments later on, and I was not a personal fan of BEN. Morph was more than enough, plus he’s cute as shit
Certain dynamics also could have used more depth, and I really think this would benefit from another 15-30 minutes
Also, for the entire first half of this movie, the map is opened accidentally and legit never checked again which annoyed me for some reason
Some moments the CG blending looked dated, but overall, this film still looks fantastic because at its core, that hand drawn animation is undefeated
Very solid story with a lot of heart, plenty of fun action, and just cool ass adventurous set pieces
Live action remake when?