• C'mon C'mon

    C'mon C'mon


    My movie of the year, no doubt about it
    As I openly wept in the theater by myself, I was just so moved by the impact this had on me
    Mills does so much with so little, and the performances from Phoenix and Norman feel as if they just woke up in these characters and were filmed living
    Just utterly breathtaking and viscerally powerful, the catharsis I felt by the end of this was deep in my core and goddamn,…

  • Licorice Pizza

    Licorice Pizza


    Boogie Nights meets Phantom Thread, the king has returned and blessed us with yet another banger as if he could do anything less
    Smooth sailing and carefree as any nostalgic memory should be, Licorice Pizza looks over the moments that make a relationship, both for better or for worse, with such reverence and care that this feels so deeply personal yet also very universal
    Hoffman and Haim are astonishing and every moment the two of them has together feels so pure you…

  • Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City

    Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City


    I’m not using hyperbole when I say this is maybe the worst movie i’ve ever seen in my life
    I went in having seen zero promotion or marketing, and didn’t even realize the movie existed until about a week ago. I’ve just played Resident Evil games my entire life, and I have no idea what the hell I just watched
    What a mad man idea to blend the first two games together yet somehow tell neither of the stories within,…

  • The French Dispatch

    The French Dispatch


    Upping to a 4.5 because it really hit me how full of life, passion, love and pain this is
    Wes really threw together several stories that detail the sometimes deeply sad reality of life as an artist, and what is to be sometimes sacrificed for the beauty of what we call art
    Whether it be food, paintings, writing, the spoken word, photography and more, it’s all in here
    Simply breathtaking visuals top to bottom that can be so easily lost and distracted in that I can’t help but feel these places or sets simply cannot exist in our reality

  • Spencer



    I knew virtually nothing about the royal family prior to this and still don’t know much aside from what’s in the film so I basically had no preconceived notions 
    This film plays so well as hazy, dreamy, surreal nightmare that’s rooted in a realistic and deeply grounded performance by Kristen Stewart that should guarantee her an Oscar
    It so often delicately balances between a disturbing/upsetting film about Diana’s situation and relationship to the family 2!8”3 also being a genuinely caring…

  • Eternals



    I really wanted to love this and have been excited for so long, but what a simply abysmally boring movie
    Barely feeling like a Zhao film and devoid of nearly any depth to it, I was left feeling nothing for a majority of the runtime
    The Eternals themselves aren’t the problem (in reality, the film is only saved by the charisma of each of the characters, with the exception of Sprite who literally made me hope for my head to…

  • Chris Rock: Bigger & Blacker

    Chris Rock: Bigger & Blacker


    Why an unbelievably confident, riotous hour fifteen set from an absolute legend who is very clearly in complete control of his craft so early on
    From the jump he has the audience in the palm of his hand and works through a set that feels incredibly fresh and flat out organically and naturally funny even 20+ years later
    The self love bit had me in absolute tears my god

  • Last Night in Soho

    Last Night in Soho


    Wow this started off so incredibly promising and left me with a wicked smile on my face that only went away when it turned downright horrific
    And it was horrific in a way that felt genuinely terrifying, with the most alarming moments having nothing to do with supernatural elements present in the film
    The dreamscape surreal elements are shot so masterfully that I couldn’t help but marvel and smile, and the two lead actresses both flow so seamlessly into each…

  • Dune



    Every minor criticism I had about Dune in my initial thoughts were so ridiculously wrong and it’s genuinely stupid how absolutely perfect this movie is lmao
    As the Harkonnen invasion raged on, it really hit me how goddamn lucky we are that a film like this can exist and we now have it forever. As the music swelled I was simply overtaken with emotion as the film magically overwhelmed me as all great ones do
    For 150 minutes, this film does…

  • Ouija: Origin of Evil

    Ouija: Origin of Evil


    Flanagan’s polished craft and brilliant use of grief lend itself well to a decently creepy and spooky horror film 
    All the possessed scenes are genuinely nerve racking and love the delicate pace at which the film moves
    The final 20 or so minutes worked really really well and I honestly wish there was more of the stuff involving the father, although I get it works way better

  • Dave Chappelle: The Closer

    Dave Chappelle: The Closer


    Once again it seems that Twitter and news outlets made this seem like it would be ALARMINGLY worse than it turned out to be
    In reality, this is a fine special from Chappelle with his usual style of humor and genuine moments of brilliance
    Do I agree with everything in the special? Not really. Do I think what some are saying about it are true? Quite possibly. But this is not nearly as outrageous as I was led to believe, and if those last 20 minutes don’t sum up this collection of Chappelle specials, I don’t know what will

  • The French Dispatch

    The French Dispatch


    I would argue this is Anderson’s most visually and thematically dense film yet, and while it felt overwhelming for pretty much the entire runtime, it’s impossible to not fall victim to Wes and his irresistible charm that will keep me coming back time and time again 
    While no vignette feels wasted or out place, some feel incredibly more impactful than the rest, and while I found each one massively entertaining, it wasn’t until the final vignette that the through line…