No One Gets Out Alive

No One Gets Out Alive ★★

Hmm this is certainly a weird start to my horror movie month, but hey anything is better than the last film I watched Separation! I’m not entirely sure how I feel about No One Gets Out Alive, I went in completely blind and as the film began it seemed like a standard haunted house flick. I had to laugh when I discovered the house was in Cleveland, as a longtime Ohioan I approved of the setting. At first I was sold on the creepy house but as the film continued I found myself growing restless—the scares were everything I’ve seen before and I’ve especially come to hate specters hiding in the darkness with glowing eyes. Although the acting was decent and like I mentioned the setting was on point, I still had a problem with the lazy jump scares which this was riddled with. The third act does fortunately pick up and things get pretty wild but then you’re left not understanding much of anything that transpired. Although I love ambiguity feeling like a lot of times less is more, this leaves you with too many questions and quite a bit of holes in the story. Great effects and a twisted ending still couldn’t save this movie, I don’t believe it was a complete waste of time but there’s plenty more out there I would rather see.

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Daily Horror Hunt #40 (October 2021)

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