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  • Thunder Road

    Thunder Road


    6th Annual Letterboxd Season Challenge
    Week 2: Independent Spirit John Cassavetes Award

    Shows how treatment and detail (and a bunch other stuff) are vital for a film's success. The quirks and spins in this completely shoot it miles above what in a boring way could be some kind of soap opera or Nicholas Sparks story, something that while touching but boring makes for a sappy mess. But this is both touching and devilishly funny, and makes for something you have never quite seen.

  • Money Monster

    Money Monster


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I have been stewing this one for a few days looking for something I missed but my opinion of the ending has not changed: I hated it. Clooney's character seems to at least half-heartedly side with the attacker and see it through. Roberts wants to keep everyone safe. There really was no hint besides the overall Wall Street bad vibe that the show host remained as rotten and so the ending betrays its character arc for a little sprinkle of…

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  • Shoplifters



    A family drama capable of being both superbly heart warming and wrenching. The strong ties that bind the characters slowly extend from the screen and pull the spectator in, imposing a difficult quandary that is at the center of the plot: is choice always the right thing to do? And who makes it?

  • Blow-Up



    5th Annual Letterboxd Season Challenge
    Week 30: Director Recommendations: Martin Scorsese

    I appreciated this from the start for the things it seemed to be doing as it went, and even more once the whole picture was done. Loved the rock show scene as I was not expecting to see a young Jimmy Page, and how the unresponsiveness of the crowd felt, so awkward yet so current - just imagine a smartphone on everyone's hand. It starts as an arrogant, bored…