Ammonite ★★★½

This movie was interesting, a bit odd at times, yet fascinating. We have Kate Winslet’s character, an unsatisfied, unhappy middle age woman that has her passion and valve in rocks and fossils. Enter Saoirse Ronan’s character; a young woman who is clearly unhappy with her marriage (arranged I presume) and also ill. The narrative is simple, but Winslet’s and Ronan’s acting makes it powerful. The chemistry here is off the charts. Winslet has been a powerhouse for quite some time now and Ronan’s has become a strong force to be reckoned with. 

It’s a study of how sometimes people feel lost and find worth and value in others. That’s a dangerous area to be in. It shows what an attachment to someone can lead to, and often times leads to a tough ending. Despite the love and care for each other.