I'm Thinking of Ending Things

I'm Thinking of Ending Things ★★★★

Oh boy. I’ve always been a fan of Charlie Kaufman’s work, ever since his scripts with Spike Jonze directing. Seeing him stepping it up as a director (Anomalisa) and now with this film has been great to watch. His work will always challenge the audience since he will never spoon feed you at all. It’s about having an open and imaginary mind because he’s always underlying something especially about human emotion/connection. 

With this film, even though I found the structure a bit frustrating at times; I did end up enjoying it. It could cost me a headache here and there, but Kaufman is one of those unique, out of the box directors/screenwriters that is worth appreciating his work. I will have to give this one a watch again for sure. 

Great job by the leads here and also, Toni Collette is amazing. She is ultra talented!

The production design and the cinematography is a delight 👌🏼