Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

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This review may contain spoilers.

"is that how you describe your job, cliff?"
"what, carrying his load? yeah its about right."

disclaimer: im obsessed with this movie.

the joy i feel everytime i watch it is always increased. its like the more you watch it the more you love it and appreciate how good it is. hands down the best tarantino film. 
the acting of brad pitt and leonardo dicaprio together is so pleasing to watch. the cinematography, ah! stunning. rick dalton and cliff booth's friendship? big yes. cliff and brandey? another big yes. tarantino shedding the light on sharon tate's happy life instead of her tragic death? yes again.  
and these goddamn hippie motherfuckers getting their asses kicked by cliff booth and his dog? thats c i n e m a luv!
and lastly the music, the music is the main reason i love this movie so much. its so perfect. im not someone who has lived in the 60s but in the world of once upon a time in hollywood, i wish i did! 

favorite scenes:
 - cliff booth speeding his car down the highway while listening to 60s music

- ending with cliff watching the fbi with rick, the california dreaming scene where everybody is going home. its so good the song fits the shots so perfectly fuck

-and of course the scene where cliff booth beats the shit out of the mansons, 
and then rick dalton burning that hippie's ass into a crisp after she jumps in his pool. 

-cliff fighting bruce

basically every cliff booth scene.

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