Enola Holmes ★★★½

Enola Holmes is about Enola, the story of the disappearance of her mother, and her misadventures in finding her, while dodging both of her brothers and solving mysteries that come in her way in the process. This is by far the most detached Holmes-related film that I’ve watched, with its humorous storytelling, vibrant cinematography, prodigious leads, clever fourth-wall breaking. And let’s not forget the disconnect to the usual cold and cantankerous personality that of Sherlock Holmes; honestly surprised with Cavill making Sherlock empathetic and have a personality outside his cases. 

The film encompasses regressive femininity, familial bonds, power dynamics, metathesiophobia, and self-discovery in such a poetic and engaging manner, that not once did I pause the film. See, this is how you manage an A-List cast correctly, unlike some other film that premiered on Netflix earlier this month. Anyways, Henry Cavill and Sam Claflin, if you’re both reading this, I am free Thursday night, so if both of you are also available on Thursday night let me know so we can hang out on Thursday night when I am free and available.