Possessor ★★★★

My expectations were high but holy sh–t this unrated and uncut version definitely delivered. Possessor is a sci-fi horror film about a female mercenary who controls the body of other people using brain-implant technology to murder targets paid by high-profile customers. The movie gave a sneak peek of what it’s all about—a literal bloody horror—by introducing the main character doing her job in the most sadistic way possible. 

Its unsettling nature comes from the fact that everything, from the setting, to the characters, felt gloomy and dystopian, making every scene as disturbing as possible, showing a potential future where the corporate elites hire assassins to possess someone’s body to kill anyone who opposes them. It’s this marvelous idea that captivated me when I watched the trailer, and knowing that the director is the son of David Cronenberg, I just know this will have some Cronenberg traits like technology hazard and body-horror. The kills were too brutal, that I held my breath multiples times after seeing how inhumane some shots were executed. 

Its exploration on trauma and human connection were also depicted, proving how turbulent and unpredictable our actions can be. The confusion I felt in the last sequence definitely helped in the shock factor that is the ending, which raised more questions than answers. I’ll probably be needing another rewatch to understand the full picture but one thing’s for sure: Andrea Riseborough delivered an outstanding performance in the horror genre this year. Overall, the agitating visuals and grotesque murders showed the extremities of what our future holds in the hands of the upperclass, and it is always the citizens who suffers to most, innocent or not.

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