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  • The Villainess

    The Villainess


    The opening... 8 minutes are incredible, and the closing 10 are good, but a solid 18 minutes don't make a 2hr film decent.

    The film feels like two completely different scripts smashed together, tonally its all over the place and I found it difficult to follow, but there is some amazing camerawork in there and great creative ideas that I'm sure will spurn equally more inventive pieces in the future of korean cinema..

    and that fight soundtrack as well...
    director: "so I want you to watch the shots, and just smash a gong every 2 seconds in rhythm"
    gong assistant: "CAN DO!"

  • Paradox



    Pretty shameless cash grab off the names of the stars involved, and the building blocks setup prior in the franchise, but sammo hung has done an amazing job at making Louis Koo look like a passable action star. The fact that SPL3 goes completely dark in some points, pulls no punches, skips the casual action stereotype expectations you're waiting for it to hit in beats... And it makes for an enjoyable, if rather forgettable action film. If it gets a western release, it'll probably sell reasonably well (provided it had some good cover graphics) on a shelf at the end of Sainsbury's checkouts...

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  • The Lego Batman Movie

    The Lego Batman Movie


    A solid action-comedy full of jokes for both kids and adults alike; with niche gags, references and easter eggs from every aspect of Batman's far-reaching history (including multiple jabs at both Christian Bale and the 60's TV series. Plus batnipples)

    Rapping about being a billionaire, having rock solid abs and wicked 'shredding' guitar skills, and having better ideas than anyone else are all just another solid day in the life of BATMAN! Really, just allow the film to wash over…

  • The Founder

    The Founder


    Aiming to be 'The Social Network' of the fast food burger empire, Michael Keaton strikes out again with probably the best performance of his career (and much better than Birdman or even... Batman!).

    Playing a wolf in sheep's clothing; Michael Keaton is one moment the jovial smiling Ray Kroc simply looking for good business opportunities and grabbing that chance to become rich, the next Keaton is a vile ruthless machiavellian villain who'll stop at nothing to seize control of this…