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  • Teiichi's Country

    Teiichi's Country


    Yet another quirky Japanese manga adaption on film. I'd forgotten just how vicious my student politics days were on the University student council, however TEIICHI brings back all the bloodless savage political infighting with aplomb and cinematic flair.

  • Kong: Skull Island

    Kong: Skull Island


    It's one more go around for Samuel L.J as he requotes his iconic Jurassic Park line... "Hold on to your butts"

    Towering, gargantuan, beastly... all these things and more define Kong in the latest big-screen monkey outing, and when Jackson drops his ever quotable "bitch please"... bouts of hilarity. Yet another CGI ape, another woman the size of his index finger to have a romantic green-screen moment with, more idiotic soldiers with guns than you can shake a stick at,…

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  • The Lego Batman Movie

    The Lego Batman Movie


    A solid action-comedy full of jokes for both kids and adults alike; with niche gags, references and easter eggs from every aspect of Batman's far-reaching history (including multiple jabs at both Christian Bale and the 60's TV series. Plus batnipples)

    Rapping about being a billionaire, having rock solid abs and wicked 'shredding' guitar skills, and having better ideas than anyone else are all just another solid day in the life of BATMAN! Really, just allow the film to wash over…

  • Prevenge



    The story of a murderous fetus manipulating its' heavily pregnant mother into murdering the 7 amateur rock climbers who killed their father in a freak accident, Prevenge is both hilariously sinister and equally mundane. The murder is simple; simply executed, simply shot and simply portrayed on-screen. A big deal is never made about the talking fetus, and the film has some surprisingly shocking pulp moments throughout.

    One victim, DJ Dan, is absolutely vile as he charmlessly throws up into his…