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This review may contain spoilers.

"Ki-Woo, you know what kind of plan never fails? No plan at all."

Yup, still phenomenal in just about every way. Still one of my favorites of 2019 (probably my favorite excluding The Lighthouse). Still one of my favorite films of the decade.

Only real problem, and it's rather minor, is how Ki-Jung's death is off-screen and is revealed in such an anti-climactic way. Otherwise, not a single weak element. Possibly one of the best, most enjoyable, and even most accessible modern foreign language films. Even people I know who don't like foreign films like this movie.

I love how this film barely takes a side. Who are the good guys in this movie? Not really the Parks, given what they try to do with their greed. Not really the Kims, although they aren't bad people they evidently didn't care about the Parks' plight at all nor their old housekeeper. Also, aside from the old housekeeper and her husband, who aren't revealed to be antagonists until well over halfway through the movie, there aren't really any "bad guys" in this movie either (again, aside from the housekeeper and her husband).

This film absolutely deserved the Best Original Screenplay, Best International Feature, Best Director and Best Picture wins. I also think this should have won Best Film Editing too instead of Ford V. Ferrari (Production Design still deserved to have have gone to Once Upon a Time in Hollywood though).

Also the film probably should have gotten a Cinematography nom, even though all five of the actual noms were well deserved too. And Song Kang-ho probably should have gotten a Supporting Actor nom for his performance, instead of Anthony Hopkins from Two Popes (but only if Willem Dafoe wouldn't have gotten his nom for The Lighthouse). Let's face it, Hopkins was great but not THAT great and probably only got the nom cause he's Anthony Hopkins!

But yeah, all the aspects to this movie are incredible to say the least. This film is a must-see. I will see this many more times.


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