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  • The Hire: Beat the Devil

    The Hire: Beat the Devil


    A short - part of BMW's The Hire series - involving James Brown, Danny Trejo, Marilyn Manson, and Gary Oldman playing the devil. Directed by the late Tony Scott.

    It's as weird and funny as it sounds, with Scott having a field day showing off his manic style of shooting and editing (although it does get disorienting). It's cartoon-ish fun and worth a watch, just for James and Gary alone.

  • The Comedian

    The Comedian


    Pure silliness.

    There will be people who will understandably hate this, but I found it funny. Pemberton goes with a strange idea and sticks to it. The short kind of reminds me of the kind of skits that would be on The State or Saturday Night Live (in this case, the "10-to-1" skit).

    Props also goes to Clay Weiner*'s directing of the audience and their genuine reactions.

    Check it out on YouTube at the JASH channel to see if this kind of humor is your thing.

    * - (chuckles)... I'll see myself out.

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  • The Adventures of Tintin

    The Adventures of Tintin


    Great animation.

    Creative camera work.

    Interesting story.

    Fun John Williams score.

    Solid action sequences (That one-take chase scene? Fantastic!)

    In closing: A fun, fast-paced and entertaining adventure. Can't wait for the sequel!

    Highly recommended.

  • The Land Before Time

    The Land Before Time


    Nostalgia in full effect!

    The tale of a group of young prehistoric creatures on a long, dangerous journey to a safe haven (The Great Valley) is just as engaging, touching and entertaining as it was when I saw it as a kid.

    Don Bluth and his team did an excellent job on the animation that still holds up to this day. The same goes for the late James Horner's great music score. I felt like a kid again; memories of…