Knives Out ★★★★★

This was for obvious reasons one of the most anticipated film of this year , a great cast and talented director and the result is much better than I had in my mind . This movie presents itself as a classical murder mystery but at a certain point it reveals what makes it unique and different . The entire cast really brought their big guns and delivered such a powerful and over the top kind of performance . The movie was so funny but serious and full of suspense and that was too hard to achieve . I have watched so many films and for any movie I watch nowadays I constantly remind myself that it is not enough for a film to be just good in its own genre but it has to be provide something that makes it special in that genre and knives out was no exception so I think it's a very remarkable piece . I don't have much to say about how excellent Daniel Craig and Chris Evans were . Overall , this was fun and unquie with such amazing cast and one of the most entertaining theater experience in this year .