PlayTime ★★★

So,I got recommendations for this movie,so I watched it,and it was sadly not a movie for me. I watched this by splitting it in 3 parts,so that i could take a break while watching. But the movie never gave me that much entertainment. The world Tati created never really sucked me in. It was the uncommon way of storytelling and the weird script overall that made this a bit of a hard time for me to watch it. And I really wanted to love this movie. But these were all just subjective criticisms of my experience with the movie.
On a technical level,the movie is a masterpiece. The direction is phenomenal,the performances in it are great too,and the cinematography is in-effing-credible.
It is one of the best looking movies ever made. The futuristic world he made,made for some of the best shots I have ever seen. And overall,I thought only for that the movie is worth a watch. So I can’t do anything but admire this film for how much effort went into it. But it just didn’t resonate with me as much as it did with people like @KarstenRunquist. And while it didn’t do much for me,the movie is full of joyful moments which made this movie just wholesome,comfortable and brings a lot of heartfelt joy.
Thank you,Tati.