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  • Interstellar



    Every Summer since I was young, our family of five would pack our things, get in the car and travel six hours to my paternal grandparents’ lake cabin, beautifully situated on a lake called Little Platte. We’ve gone there to celebrate so many occasions - weddings, funerals, anniversaries, just a plain get together for my extended family. Our presence there has waned though, as life gets busier and more complicated. We go up to the cabin once every couple summers.…

  • Stand by Me

    Stand by Me


    I sometimes feel so absolutely alone in the world. Like I'm sitting in a house in a town in a county in a state in the middle of nowhere. I am the center of my own life, yet I always feel like the real center is thousands of miles away. Each car that drives past my window, each family walking their dog. Every drop of rain, every whisper from the wind. Life is so fleeting, and I feel like I'm…

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  • The Village

    The Village


    How this didn't win best score at the Oscars beats me... absolutely beautiful (like the rest of the movie).

  • Onward



    Makes the ninth Pixar film I've cried to <33333

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  • Before Midnight

    Before Midnight


    The irony of the Before Trilogy is the irony of all relationships period. I've never had a romantic relationship with anyone, but these three movies - Before Midnight just as much as the others - represent everything I connect to about art. So, yes, I've never had a romance, but I of course have relationships with the people in my life; my friends and family, but also my teachers, coaches, and acquaintances.

    The frustrating but true fact is that the…

  • Before Sunset

    Before Sunset


    Memories are scarily fragile, because we can't determine which ones we remember and which ones we don't. A moment can be more significant to you, in which case you'd be more likely to remember it. But to have something happen in your life, and then forget all about it, not by your own choice but by the random selections and processing in your brain?

    Jesse and Céline do remember each other from that beautiful night nine years ago thankfully, but…