Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Ferris Bueller's Day Off ★★★½

I think I've found my new favorite John Hughes film. On the surface it's not as thematic and deep as the Breakfast Club, or as funny as Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. But god damn, does this movie have a lot to say about the way we live and how we follow by the rules.

I am one of those people that constantly questions my purpose in life. Why was I born? How? If one of my ancestors had died from the Black Plague I wouldn't be here today. If my parents hadn't met at the right time in the right place I also wouldn't be here. There are so many random occurrences that just happened to produce me, that I guess I'll call it a miracle.

If I died right now, would there be any evidence of my existence? Apart from immediate family members and friends and etc, it's crazy how little impact I really have on this world. It's my biggest fear to leave the earth without creating an impact. Death is already a looming fear, because I just can't imagine the thought of not being conscious of my own existence for eternity.

Well... Ferris Bueller's Day Off throws all that out the window, and asks us, who cares? I love it for that. It acknowledges all these fears, and existential crises, and problems, and all that. And then it shrugs its shoulders and moves on with life.

This is a movie I needed. It's simple but not simple. It tells you to have fun in life, and to forget your worries, but let's not forget Cameron and how things probably did not end well for him. There are certain realities about this film that one must face. Sometimes, people will just get away with stuff that you wouldn't.

My brother is basically Ferris. He can say whatever the hell he wants and everyone will laugh and love him. I sit there, start telling a joke, realize it's bad, cough, and then tell everyone "never mind" inducing a couple awkward chuckles. Hardy har har, my brother has it easy and I have it bad. But I'm not jealous of him. This movie also celebrates the fact that everyone has a unique individuality, and Cameron and Ferris's sister are just as special as Ferris himself. Do they get a water tower and flowers dedicated to "saving Ferris?" No, but in the end, they are the ones that actually save him.

So, although I will still worry about my future, my purpose, my passions, my life - that will never change - Ferris Bueller's Day Off does an admirable job of shrugging it off with a wink and telling us to have a bit of fun (at your own cost).

Also, this movie is much funnier than I remembered, the nurse who likes to fuck got me cracking up for some reason, probably just me, and my immature taste in humor.

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