Boy ★★★★

this film was a delight!!

everything, from the wonderful cinematography to the subtle-yet-effective wardrobe to the way this film was colored made it feel like a genuine 80s film, and i liked that aspect about it.

perhaps the best thing about this film was the actors. james rolleston, who played the titular character boy, was phenomenal, and so were of course taika waititi, director and screenwriter and also alamein, boy and rocky's father and te aho aho eketone-whitu, who played the very lovable rocky.

the dialogue was great, but what really got me was the delivery, the deadpan of it all; it was really refreshing and surprisingly made me laugh a lot!! the score was also really good. i just really appreciate the way this film was made, and i'm excited to watch more of taika waititi's films!!

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