Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★★

“No one else is gonna save my life. Right? If I just sit here and diddle around, what am I gonna have? Nothing. Okay? And all this shit? Like, what does it matter? What does it matter? It just passes.”

After watching this, i’ve realised how lonely and isolating absolute silence can be. Life is great in a lot of ways, and sound is one of many principles. It was utterly heartbreaking to watch Ruben accept his loss of hearing. It’s something many of us take for granted and the thought of never hearing your favourite song or voice again is frightening. The end truly showed how much he’d grown to his condition. I just loved the way the silence conveyed complete peacefulness, really connoting he’s learning to be okay with it. 

The sound design was astounding, It really put us into Rubens perspective, giving us the full sound of absolute nothingness. Also, the performances were totally pulled off and the cinematography really captured the right amount of essence.

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