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  • Alien




    Watched on the big screen for the first time in over a decade. Last watch when we lived in Birmingham, in a multiplex screen so new it still smelled of fresh plastic, which is not the right setting for this beautifully realised lived in production design.

  • Army of Darkness

    Army of Darkness


    And this one on DVD to finish the trilogy. Directors cut version.

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  • Halloween



    Next time I suggest catching a horror film at a multiplex on a friday night, remind me of this viewing. Running back to the many Curzon's I frequent in this here London.

    Despite the very best efforts of the row in front of me, I really enjoyed parts of this and found the later sequences really tense. Might need to watch again to properly appreciate. Obviously not as good as the '78, but I was always going to be here to watch Laurie Strode do her thing again.

  • 8 Women

    8 Women


    I hadn't realised quite how well this would work as our 'Its Friday night, lets watch something silly' film. It is gloriously silly, a murder mystery starring wonderful French actresses, who sometimes burst into song. Great fun to watch everyone giving it there all, but Isabelle Huppert runs away with the film with a fantastically over the top turn which was just perfect.