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  • Glass



    Holland March voice: "'re telling me you made a movie with all the superpowered guys from Unbreakable and Glass, but made it about a boring, unsuperpowered character we've never met who fucks them all over?"

    Maybe it's time to put M. Night back in the shame corner for a few more years so he can make another good movie.

  • Hellboy



    So earlier this year, I watched a really shitty movie called Hellboy. It made me very angry in ways a film ever-so-rarely ever does.

    It's only fitting that I finally watch a good movie named Hellboy. This one. And it's friggin great.

    Like, it helps to A.) Actually have Mike Mignola attached to the project, B.) actually have a great sci-fi director helm this, C.) have a lead actor who can make the role his own without seeming like he's…

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  • Green Room

    Green Room


    This is the kind of movie that, for the first half, beats down on you with how diabolical it can be, and then for the second half, you see where it's going, the tables turn, and you just watch in awe of how everything else rolls out.

    I hadn't seen Blue Ruin, so this is my first Saulnier pic, and I was pretty blown away. The monochromatic theme is pretty evident here, and I was impressed by some direction and…

  • The Book of Henry

    The Book of Henry

    How foolish I was, to think a guy who didn't even know how to write a world with dinosaurs would be able to write one with realistic human characters.

    ...ones who do realistic things.

    Like...this is the kind of script that would be in the pile of 'so-bad-it's-funny' low-budget stuff. Not...something that has millions of dollars put behind it and stars actual good actors. I mean...christ.

    I have to ask the Max Bialystock quandary here: where did this movie go…