Things to Come ★★★½

Things to Come is an interesting, speculative sci-fi movie that takes a look at what Earth could look like after being ravaged by war. The movie is essentially two stories taking place in different parts of the future, inter-cut with some montages that feature some incredibly inventive special effects. I thought this was a creative look into a possible future that tackled interesting themes about war and progress through its dialogue.

Being a movie from the 1930's, some of the dialogue and scenes can feel choppy and stiff, but for the most part I was engaged with what characters were saying as they mused on philosophical ideas. The best part of the film is the creative visuals (from a war-torn wasteland to gleaming futuristic cities) but the stories themselves had some nice sci-fi elements that held my attention, making this a film that should be checked out (if only to see some "ahead-of-its-time" film making).

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