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This review may contain spoilers.

“Your parents must be very proud of you being a doctor.”

“Well actually they wanted me to be a DJ.”

AHH YOU GUYS I WATCHED THIS IN THE MOVIE THEATERS (I haven’t been to one since I watched Parasite 😭) BUT HOLY SHIT this movie was incredible and I’m so happy that I was able to see this on the big screen!1!1!

It somehow manages to indulge revenge fantasies while also subverting their guilty pleasures. So while Nina's gang (?) rape and suicide are avenged by Cassandra, the film chronicles the self destructive nature of revenge itself. To some extent, the film was really about a grief stricken woman trying to alleviate her own guilt and shame by shaming others into feeling more (or truly) responsible-- and the avenging angel is invariably punished by her own righteous anger regardless. The fact that the film also succeeds as an indictment of rape culture is equally incredible: it was able to call into question shameful social norms and attitudes through her own questionable actions.

The casting reinforced the theme of the normalization of rape culture (or the everyday fact that rapists and rape apologists don't come with warning signs and are amongst the people we normally like and trust) Another thing I wanted to mention was that casting all of the men's roles with likable, comedic actors was a really brilliant casting trick. It's hitting me harder the more I think about it. The fact that part of me wanted her to forgive Ryan just because he was charming & funny says a lot about how we're quick to give men second chances, all while brushing their victims aside. Even after Cassie finds out about Ryan's involvement, I was totally expecting him to burst in and save her at the bachelor party. Then I expected him to immediately tell the police where Cassie was headed. THEN I expected him to say something at the wedding. It wasn't until after I realized how many times I expected him to make the right/noble decision and was let down every time. We were all rooting for you Bo 😔

And finally, Carey Mulligan was simply amazing in the role— she conveyed a person *already* dead inside briefly reanimated through vengeful wrath. Even when she was OBVIOUSLY dead, I kinda kept expecting her to come back...somehow LMAO. Idk why, but I fully thought she hid a camera there somewhere to livestream the whole thing or at least have recorded proof. But imo the ending that we got was very sad and satisfying at the same time.

Note: McLovin’ after high school did not age well.

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