Rocketman ★★★★½

I may be 18 years old, but I grew up listening to A LOT of old songs because of my parents. They’ve always had 70s & 80s songs playing so, yeah I’m a sucker for 70s & 80s music. Anyways, This film was BRILLIANT. I loved how they used his biggest songs to string a total spectacle of the narrative together. In my opinion, it was just the perfect way to tell the story of such a larger than life figure. Even when it fell into the usual rockstar biopics tropes with its so so style, it felt unique. I also loved how much it focused on Elton himself, his demons as well as the things that make him truly feel. Overall, Taron Egerton killed it and made this one of the best musical biopics I’ve seen that had me singing along the whole time.

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