Room ★★★★½

When Jack saw the sky for the first time— my siblings & I just lost it.

Amazing movie. Despite how heavy the subject was, it was very balanced in the lighter and darker moments. There were no forced scenes, it just felt very real. As soon as I went back into my own bedroom, the tears truly started flowing when I realized the type of trauma the pair have experienced. That escape sequence was incredibly intense. This was one of the best film scenes I've watched all year. The slowly building music, cinematography, and Tremblay's performance were pitch-perfect.

And the phenomenal acting, I can't add anymore praise to what's already been said. I'm forever a fan of Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay.

Since I had a shitty ass day, this was a poor movie choice that made me even more sad. However, THIS WAS WORTH IT.

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