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This review may contain spoilers.

Gaslighting, paranoia, manipulation, and the humans are so evil in this one. 

One of my favorite things about Rosemary's Baby is that basically all the way up until the conclusion, we, as an audience, can never be 100% sure if Rosemary's peers are actually satanic worshipers, or if she indeed is just going crazy. There's evidence to support both sides but Polanski never tells us how to think - we are left to interpret what's in front of us the way we see fit. 

This creates an intrinsic tension from the unknown in situations that otherwise would be banal. For example, when Rosemary is in the telephone booth and we see a strange man creep up behind her in the background. Our paranoia has been building right alongside Rosemary's this entire time, so naturally, we see this man and think, "Oh shit! Get outta there Rosemary!!" But it turns out, the guy just wants to use the payphone. 

Great psychological thriller/horror that proves you don't need blood and guts and gore to effectively make people terrified.

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