Ave Maryam ★★½

“Jika surga saja belum pasti untukku, buat apa nerakamu menjadi urusanku?”

to make a 74-minute film feel long is something else. 

though visually and conceptually appealing, the lack of attention to sound design in a script that seems to rely on it, as opposed to dialogue, takes away from the carefully constructed visuals. the dialogue was alright at best, with one memorable moment (quoted above, which i’m positive is among the only quoted moment from the film). the actors’ performances seem to reflect what comes across as a good-at-best screenplay. 

not sure if the version i watched was cut for censorship or whatever or not, but i was expecting an ‘exploration’ of female sexuality greater than mere allusions, but i suppose that’s too much to ask. 

i’ll ask for one thing, let women write about women — that perspective may have added the emotion and characterisation the film desperately needed.

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