sometimes i watch bad movies purposely but that’s because i’m a masochist so just mind ur own business ❤️

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  • Bacurau



    not exactly a four star for me but the low rating doesn’t necessarily take away from my wonder for this film. the entire time, i have no idea what’s going on but it didn’t bore me. no, rather the opposite happened. it still keeps you hooked eventhough you have no clue where it’s heading. such an interesting film.

  • Cool Runnings

    Cool Runnings


    i keep forgetting this is a disney movie bc it is so different (not necessarily saying disney bad, but ... lol yeah compare this to their most recent movies 😳... )

    it’s such a feel good, heart warming watch but also quite philosophical and deep and it teaches a great life lesson. the fact that it’s based on a true story is <33333 

    also the OUTFITS in this !! fashion rlly do be circular cause let’s be honest, we’re all going ham for 90s trends right now

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  • Mogul Mowgli

    Mogul Mowgli


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    this was so, so personal. every single second is raw and real and almost painful to watch. the themes around islam explored, i related to as a muslim, and it felt all the more real to me. the rap lines were gorgeous and left me speechless. i genuinely got goosebumps every time.

    the sonic tension in intense moments made it possible for the audience to go through things Zed did, and you can feel the world slip away from you eventhough…

  • Eyimofe (This Is My Desire)

    Eyimofe (This Is My Desire)


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    where do i even begin..

    this is such a beautifully harrowing film. the deliberate ‘close-up’ cinematography all throughout the film gives it a documentary-like vibe, so the helplessness and tragedies that is inflicted onto the characters feels like it could even happen to you.

    i felt defeated watching this film, which i realise must have been the directors’ intent and i will say it was successful. the frustration built in the viewer is to mirror how the characters themselves are…