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This review may contain spoilers.

i really appreciate showing the buildup of the war from both the children’s and adult’s perspectives, and how Wissam coped with the anxiety by projecting his hero Tigron to come and build a protective dome over Lebanon.

i can’t even imagine hearing the sounds of warplanes and bombings, and not cry. this movie stirred up something from within the depths of my heart that i think i have to describe as fear. i felt for the characters, as if i were them. i felt the most for the adults, but no kid should ever have to cry in the middle of an exam because they’re made to wonder if their parents are still alive halfway across town.

Labaki’s role is incredibly central and defining. we witness her struggle with both her brother and lover, who are on opposite ends of politics. she is symbolically torn between her family and relationship, but chooses to try and make things work with Joseph in the end. to me, this was a message that said, “war can tear things apart, but it can never strip you of your humanity.”

1982 is a beautiful film that looks into the realities of war and what it puts innocent civilians through. a great watch

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