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This review may contain spoilers.

a stunning movie that puts into perspective how beautiful just living is. i’d like to think a place like the You Seminar really does exist where souls are kind of shaped into how they become and where everything on Earth exists for them to try so they can fall in love with the very act of living. i wonder if my interests now were what made me fall in love with life at the You Seminar.

the DIVERSITÉ in this film is *chef’s kiss*, but having the setting be new york, i’m not entirely surprised or impressed since it is just a close to reality portrayal. it’s something that should have been portrayed in films and media from years ago, but kudos to pixar for being the very few to sincerely, and earnestly, live up to it.

i watched this with family so i don’t think it allowed me to really immerse myself and swim with the emotions explored in the film, but i want to watch this again on my own so that can happen. maybe my rating will change, but til then, i hope anyone reading this learns to love life and all the little things we get to experience just by being alive.

in these hard times, in lockdowns abound, i wish you well. wherever you are and whoever you may be, may you find things that make life worthwhile and as always, stay safe.

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