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I'm a film enthusiast with a background and some kind of future in the medium.

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  • An Officer and a Gentleman

    An Officer and a Gentleman


    An Officer and a Gentleman is a fairly predictable romantic drama, but the tension between Richard Gere and Louis Gossett, Jr. infuses the film with energy and makes the arc of Gere's character more interesting than it would have been otherwise. It's understated in certain moments and a bit maudlin in others which makes the tone occasionally dissonant, but Gossett, Jr.'s performance kept me invested.

  • ATL



    ATL succeeds as a poignant coming of age film with a sly sense of humor, immense personality, and the right balance of dramatic tension. T.I. anchors the movie as Rashad, a high school senior with goofy friends and a younger brother he’s trying to steer away from trouble. It’s an understated yet impactful experience that’s lost none of its relevance.

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  • The Intern

    The Intern


    Okay The Intern, I see you. Sneaking up on me, being all good and whatnot. Seriously though, I’m not sure if Bobby D has ever been more endearing. It’d be a real shame if some idiot confused a gem like this with Dirty Grandpa.

  • One Night in Miami...

    One Night in Miami...


    The talent of Regina King knows no bounds, and this is an exceptional film that depicts a monumental evening between four towering historical figures. The conversations between them are human, vital, and timeless. It’s a testament to King’s direction that the characters remain fresh and engaging, especially since they’ve been depicted on screen many times. The use of Sam Cooke’s music threads the film together and punctuates some of the most touching moments.