Raising Arizona ★★★½

The Coen Brothers 2nd feature "Raising Arizona" takes a sharp turn from the noir roots of their debut film "Blood Simple." In this film about a troubled couple that kidnap a baby so they can have one of their own, at the time you would have almost not believed that it came from the same directors. However, this film would show their true comedic sense, which has come out of almost every film they made after this point.

I like "Raising Arizona," I just don't understand the intense love some people have for it. Hunter and Cage are great, and I laughed quite a bit, but I laughed a lot more at my 4th revisit of "The Big Lebowski" than I did at any point in this and I think that that film has a lot more of an edge to it than this one does. It is simply a farce, the whole is funny and unbelievable, but what makes the Coen's great is that they don't just stop at funny. "Fargo," "A Serious Man," and the aforementioned "The Big Lebowski" all have laugh-out-loud moments, but there is really something to grab on to and ponder after those films, when I didn't really get that out of this film. It is still a delight to watch and might be even funnier on a re-watch, but I won't ever have this too high on my ranked list of Coen Brothers films.