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This review may contain spoilers.

Yes I'm one of those people that actually enjoyed Batman v Superman on the big screen, and now I will be talking about Suicide Squad. Suicide Squad is about a group of super-villians that are assembled by Amanda Waller played by (Viola Davis) known as Task Force X, The group consists of DeadShot played by (Will Smith), Harley Quinn played by (Margot Robbie), The Joker played by (Jared Leto), Rick Flag played by (Joel Kinnaman), Killer Croc played by (ADEWALE AKINNUOYE-AGBAJE), Diablo played by (Jay Hernandez), Katana played by (Karen Fukuhara), Captain Boomerang played by (Jai Courtney) and Enchantress played by (Cara Delevingne).

Suicide Squad is not the best superhero movie ever but it's not as bad as everyone is saying in my opinion, it's an enjoyable film, the cast is grate From Will Smith performance all the way to Jai Courtney, yes Jai Courtney is actually pretty good in this film I enjoyed him a lot. David Ayer did a good job directing with all the characters, but the standout to me was Amanda Waller she is a badass that scene when she killed her whole staff omg amazing. The best Chemistry of the film is most diffently The Joker and harley Quinn, I adore them both together on screen. Jared Leto Joker fucking amazing it reminded me about Cesar Romero's Joker and took it up a-notch. The music I enjoyed a lot as well, for every character the Music describe each character perfectly.
What I didn't like about the film was towards the end and the main villain. To be honest the villain was god awful all it did the most of the movie was dancing like a maniac, The dialogue became lazy and boring near the end of the movie.

My final thoughts
This is a really fun movie, just be prepared for the end as everything gets lazy as in dialogue and editing.

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