Buffalo '66

Buffalo '66 ★★★★½

well i guess i have to officially retire as president of the vincent gallo hate club because...to put it simply i love this movie. it's funny, absurd, very dumb, desperate, and fucking gorgeous.

the parents are obviously the most interesting, because they really give you all the information you need to understand billy. lots to unpack there. as for layla, i don't know. very beautiful girl. she clearly is out of her mind and a little dumb (the way i would have simply drove into a wall because i'm not about to be kidnapped by a man with that voice, not to victim blame) but she's also a flat character. which is good because everyone else in this film is so much that we need a "yes girl give us nothing" (in the best way possible) moment. her saying "you're so weird" is v underrated because yeah he's fucking weird.

re: billy, i am a little worried because i really resonate with him. i really do see myself in this character more than i have with any other character from anything i've watched recently. for one, i for sure dressed like this when i was 21. i also couldn't drive stick and never had a gf. what i did have was the audacity, and so does this fucker. so i really get it. "don't touch or kiss me" is definitely something i have said to someone who very clearly wanted to ~make love~. so, now i'm thinking..."am i the problem?" can i see myself doing all of this? maybe because i really do get the motive. idk maybe i should be on a watchlist.

ultimately, this movie is about what we all want, no, need: a girl worth buying hot chocolate for 😌

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