Step Brothers ★★★

Decided to finally check out STEP BROTHERS(Adam McCay) after hearing some very positive things about it.. Now this isn't a picture I hear about often but when I do hear it mentioned I've heard Only positive things about it, hence I thought it time..
Huff(John C. Reilly) and Brennan(Will Ferrell) are thrown together as Step Brothers and roommates and ... almost bunkmates for a time after their parents meet, fall in love or lust and are instantly married .. That's where the fun begins .. Kind of . They fight , they play , they laugh and get into trouble together, as brothers should. Ferrell and Reilly are hysterical, as you would expect, but. But.. The laughs for me come few and far between. Not what I would have expected. You can see what they were going for in multiple instances, but the comedy was just off the mark or falls short.. Repeatedly . The leads are too likeable for this to film to be one you Don't like. And the cameos do lift the film up , but not to the level I expected , so it's not exactly a film I found myself enjoying. It's not a cringe. It's not a bore, but it's just not as good as it could have been. I give it a 61/100 grade.