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  • The French Connection

    The French Connection


    You might not understand why these cops are doing what they’re doing, but it’s a lot of fun to watch them doing it. 

    Sparse (and hard to hear) dialogue and a gritty style keep the overarching plot very muddied, but the French connection thrives on a nearly endless string of great scenes. Starting, I think, with the phenomenally blocked and shot metro scene, the movie kicks into high gear and never lets up from then on. 

    The handheld camerawork at…

  • Carol



    "Carol" is a gorgeously crafted movie. Every aspect of the production is handled with a delicate care. The 50's style period piece aesthetic is convincing but not overdone. The warm Super 16 mm cinematography is daring. Never before have I seen so many shots from outside car windows. And each one is beautiful. Carter Burwell's score is one of the most elegant I've ever heard. I can't even begin to describe how impossible this movie would be without that score.…

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  • Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

    Once Upon a Time in Hollywood


    scavenger hunt 52

    task 15: a film you think would be PERFECT to see at a drive-in theater.

    "Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood" is definitely a Quentin Tarantino picture, and it doesn't let you forget it by the end. Be that as it may, it's safe to call it the most un-Tarantino-esque work in his eclectic filmography. It's stylized, but there aren't whip zooms. It's violent, but easily his least violent film. The film is not driven by character…

  • Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

    Once Upon a Time in Hollywood


    Still good a third time around. This is one I def wanna own on 4K cuz of the film it was shot on. 

    “I’m the devil. And I’m here to do the devils business.”
    ”...nah, it was something dumber than that.”

    Edit: Ok, I give in. I've seen it thrice, and it's a 10/10