Under the Silver Lake ★★★★½

EDIT: I can't write a real review at 12:30, so now that I've had a night to process, here are my thoughts:

First off, the movie had me at "squirrel falls from tree and dies in front of protagonist"

The appearance of Patrick Fischler really solidified the Lynchian absurdity of it all, and I LOVE Lynch, so this movie was for me.

I can definitely see how people could think it is wandering and pointless and too long. I'd agree with its length, I think a good half hour could probably have been shaved off, but I still enjoyed the ride most of the way. It slowed down after the songwriter scene (that scene was FIRE), and I didn't like the part at the end about the cultish ascension thing, it just wasn't that interesting or mysterious or scary or dangerous.

Everything else was so great. This movie looks beautiful, so many gorgeous camera moves, elegant tracking shots, beautifully composed shots, and the colors, oh my, the colors are so rich. The movie sounds great, too, it felt like there was a near-constant score that sounded like it was from a 1940's film noir, something I've never heard before. It was so wonderful.

Andrew Garfield was made for this movie. It's like an amalgamation of all of his previous roles, and he is just built to be that kind of clueless loser. Every time he runs in this movie, it's hilarious. His reactions are so relatable as well.

Also really cool to see Sydney Sweeney, Callie Hernandez, and Zosia Mamet, all lesser-known actresses from stuff that I love ("Euphoria", "La La Land", and "Mad Men")

What more to say about this film? Well, it's basically like going down a rabbit hole. Each clue leads to another, and never to the answer. You keep going further and further down without actually getting anywhere. So many Hitchcockian red herrings.

This film is just so gorgeously ambitious, and I love it. Can't wait to see "It Follows" but I'm not sure it can top this. "Under the Silver Lake" isn't perfect, but you can't help but admire its sheer audacity and visceral powers.

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