Amélie ★★★★★

Not quite sure of what I can say about this, just a marvel to see from the French. Amélie, a restricted and constricted child who finally achieves freedom from her very controlling parents and acts on her own view of right and wrong. Makes for a great feel good movie with a quite saucy little minx getting down to business.

Her business of course being to help those she believes to be in need of her help or assistance. Some silly little pranks pulled do make for some great laughs in all fairness. All in the name of her own personal justice of course but that twat of a grocer deserved everything she did. All loose ends sorted in and tied up in the end making its own happy little ending. However there was enough mentions of porn, sex and orgasms to make this a slight more manly. (Same can't be said for the fault in our stars, but I still stand by the fact that I'm a man and enjoyed that)