Edge of Tomorrow ★★★★½

Starship Groundhog Troopers Day 

I had heard positive things about Edge of Tomorrow, but this was definitely one of the best sci-fi blockbuster from the last decade. I’m really shocked how much I love it, it’s genuinely the combination of two of my favorite films in their respective genres: Groundhog Day and Starship Troopers. Except now they’re combined into the ultimate mission impossible. 

Very cool alien design - reminiscent of the machines from the Matrix trilogy, most of the humor hits, and the acting is all great. As someone who very tentatively likes Tom Cruise and very willingly dislikes Tom Cruise, this film was such a joy and I love him in it. I need to see how this holds up on rewatches, but there’s a decent chance this turns into my favorite Cruise flick over Magnolia. Emily Blunt is the ultimate badass and watching Bill Paxton gleefully/confusedly torment Tom Cruise gives me so much happiness.

I love all the comparisons to video games on ultra-hard difficulty. It really, really does feel like that. The frustration at dying is there, the “ok I know what to expect this time”, and then the “ok this time I DEFINITELY know what to expect”. And I still can’t get over how incredibly badass Emily Blunt is.