Stop Making Sense

Stop Making Sense ★★★★★

Ok so after looking at reviews when I finished this it looks like I’m in the super small minority of having never listening to the Talking Heads! I recognized Psycho Killer and Burning Down the House just from pop culture and media, but that was it! I’ve been to a ton of live shows and I’ve watched a lot of recorded shows, but almost exclusively for jam bands like the Grateful Dead/dead spinoffs, Phish, String Cheese, etc and a bunch of electronic acts.

What really surprised me about Stop Making Sense was the energy! It was matching the best of the jam bands! Instead of the endless noodling and jamming, it was much more put-together choreographically and staging, while still feeling completely organic. The best part for me though was definitely the final 15 or so minutes where they definitely went into jamming. 

Totally checking out their music, praying the recorded stuff is as energetic and infused as the live performance. Worst comes to worst I’ll listen to the soundtrack on repeat!

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