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  • Chinatown



    I will need to rewatch this film so as to grasp it more. But I admired and loved the honest bleakness and tragic power of the movie. It felt very much like a Greek tragedy, from specifics to the very essence almost: the virtue that does not fit in, that has to do with and leads to tragic consequence, the sense of hopelessness.

    Plus, the cinematography is beautiful, vivid, and skilled in that 1970s fashion that makes it amazing.


  • Raging Bull

    Raging Bull


    Goodfellas and Taxi Driver are more exciting Scorsese films for me than Raging Bull. Mean Streets also has its rawness and appeal. Raging Bull's story is not "appealing." Jake LaMotta, so brilliantly played down to the mannerisms and physical changes and verbal habits, is a rather terrible human being who happens to be a solid, even great, boxer. Irascible, violent, passionate, hotheaded, not very introspective, he's also very much a case study for Scorsese to touch on some deep questions:…

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  • John Wick

    John Wick


    John Wick is truly an amazing film. I just finished watching it around this time and I had one of the great cinematic experiences in my life.

    The premise seems to be so simple and virtually clichéd: a retired hitman is pulled back into the business when some evil Russian gangstas kill his dog and steal his classic car.

    However, the great thing about Chad Stabelski's and David Lench's rip-roaring action flick is that it takes this simple premise and…

  • The Dark Knight Rises

    The Dark Knight Rises


    So now my rewatching of Christopher Nolan's epochal The Dark Knight Trilogy has come to an end. Sure, I will have a few more rewatches of this amazing cornerstone in popular Hollywood filmmaking, but experiencing Nolan's achievement again has meant a lot for me.

    While The Dark Knight remains the best of the series for its superlative tightness, energetic and smooth style and technical brilliance, The Dark Knight Rises, for all its blemishes, manages to be the grandest and, in…