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  • Tenet



    Impressive if you have never seen an episode of Doctor Who. The sound mix renders most of the dialogue inaudible and Nolan remains not as clever as he thinks he is. Washington is badass though.

  • Non-Fiction



    The first hour of Non-Fiction is eye-rollingly self-satisfied and smug, as we are subjected to an unremitting stream of irksome verbiage about the relative merits of print and digital technologies. We hear from authors and publishers and readers and PR people and all manner of exclusively white and middle-class Parisians who say things like "Tweets are modern-day haiku", even though real people just don’t talk like this at all.

    My full review can be found here.

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  • Last Year at Marienbad

    Last Year at Marienbad

    An ambiguous story that I may or may not have enjoyed.

    Only kidding: I unambiguously found it impenetrable and increasingly irritating, in no small part because of the intermittent screeching of the organ on the soundtrack.

  • Due Date

    Due Date


    The sheer fucking unwarranted hubris of Todd Phillips that he thought he could better (let alone equal) Planes, Trains & Automobiles. I laughed a total of two times - both times because RDJ pulled a facial expression that managed to rise above the pitiful slop of the script.