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  • Suhaag



    As usual with Manmohan Desai, the web of relations is so tightly spun that with all its twists and turns the drama still ends up involving no more than about 7-8 people.

    Unfortunately the storytelling is less involving here, with the main love story only briefly touched on and then abandoned, and action scenes feeling drawn-out and uninspired. The only thing it has going for it apart from the ludicrous framework is the relation between the two brothers, but there weren't really enough passion there either to carry this movie to any greater heights.

  • Laawaris



    The Eros International DVD didn't do this one any favours. While a rare widescreen release, the non-anamorphic print was very dark and muddled, with both video and audio cutting out at times, resulting in a night-time finale that was very hard to follow. Worse, none of the songs translated - in a movie where they seemed to be especially important to the narrative.

    This might be a contributing factor to the low score, but it's hard to say for sure.…

  • The Pajama Game

    The Pajama Game


    Unless I just happen to be out of form with Doris Day vehicles, this one had a particularly deranged quality that made up for the barebones story and intrigue. Everything is played with a startling level of energy, every song has it's own insane twist, and oftentimes there are just a few lines of dialogue squeezed in before the next jaw-dropping musical set piece. Even the slower songs were bonkers, like Sid singing a duet with his dictation machine, the…