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  • An Evening In Paris

    An Evening In Paris


    The first hour is pretty awful, unless you're a fan of the hindi rom-com trope of a self-satisfied guy terrorizing a woman until she gives in - because that's all it offers. There's the "good guy", in various ridiculous guises to trick Deepa to spend time with him. There's the secretly no-good drunken gambler, who manages to get close to her by being the son of her father's Paris manager. And of course there is also Deepa's comic relief driver,…

  • April in Paris

    April in Paris


    "I'm Gonna Ring the Bell Tonight", a great song-and-dance-number that even managed to make dull male lead Ray Bolger shine - unfortunately surrounded by a lukewarm movie, barely carried to the finish solely by the charm of Doris Day.

    It's easy to imagine how this could have been a classic if they managed to maintain some of that enthusiasm for the rest of the film. Pity it didn't happen.

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  • The Pajama Game

    The Pajama Game


    Unless I just happen to be out of form with Doris Day vehicles, this one had a particularly deranged quality that made up for the barebones story and intrigue. Everything is played with a startling level of energy, every song has it's own insane twist, and oftentimes there are just a few lines of dialogue squeezed in before the next jaw-dropping musical set piece. Even the slower songs were bonkers, like Sid singing a duet with his dictation machine, the…