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  • Birds of Prey

    Birds of Prey


    I never got around to watching my old UK DVD of this, but I have to wonder how much there was left after the BBFC were through with it.

    Surreptitiously somewhat less fun and crazy than any of the movies in Cardona Vol 1. In those he always threw in a couple of additional odd ingredients to keep things interesting, but here it's mostly just end to end pigeon flapping.

  • The Right of Way

    The Right of Way


    While it feels like many early talkies have issues stemming from a lack of a proper score, this might be worse: draping the whole thing in a tired meandering string orchestra.

    Nagel started out somewhat entertaining but very annoying. Got hopelessly boring during his amnesia, and then was all over the place towards the end. I liked how he chose to still wear his Davy Crockett hat when reappearing back in town, and that no one cared to comment on…

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  • Koyla



    This one has a pretty low average user score, because it's insane and some people want sane movies, because it's in part violent and bloody, which turns some viewers of these song and dance romances off, and, I assume, because the villains are rapey to a degree that probably make people uncomfortable.

    But for anyone who wants their emotionally violent and surprisingly horny 90s-posing-as-80s melodrama drenched in a feeling of psychosis this movie is a treasure. It starts running and…

  • The Pajama Game

    The Pajama Game


    Among Doris Day vehicles, this one had a particularly deranged quality that made up for the barebones story and intrigue. Everything is played with a startling level of energy, every song has it's own insane twist, and oftentimes there are just a few lines of dialogue squeezed in before the next jaw-dropping musical set piece. Even the slower songs were twisted, like Sid singing a duet with his dictation machine, the absurdity elevated by the heartfelt tone. Together with the primary color palette, it felt at times as if the cartoonists at Warner were in charge of this one.