• Cop-Out



    Wildly uneven, and in parts pretty tedious, but also has some great little moments if you can overlook it's flaws. I thought it picked up in the second half, which ended it on a better note than I would have guessed earlier.

  • High School Confidential!

    High School Confidential!


    I didn't know Jack Arnold had it in him to make a movie this wild and dynamic.

  • The Curse of the Doll People

    The Curse of the Doll People


    Would likely get a higher rating if I could see the original dub (or cut, unclear) in better fidelity. Great atmosphere and some great moments of weirdness. Cute creepy "dolls". Karina confidently infodumping all kinds of voodoo lore. A bit slow for sure, but the way it at times felt almost like a silent film added to the atmosphere.

    I passed it by for many years because it seemed to have a middling reputation, but that was a mistake.

  • Night of Horror

    Night of Horror


    I sort of preferred this to Curse of the Screaming Dead. Incredibly slow, but it all felt like a strange hypnotic dreamworld that I kinda grew to like. The hoarse whispering voice over certainly helped establish the atmosphere, and the musical interlude was a nice addition. Nice touch that these elements also felt like they went on forever.

  • Birds of Prey

    Birds of Prey


    I never got around to watching my old UK DVD of this, but I have to wonder how much there was left after the BBFC were through with it.

    Surreptitiously somewhat less fun and crazy than any of the movies in Cardona Vol 1. In those he always threw in a couple of additional odd ingredients to keep things interesting, but here it's mostly just end to end pigeon flapping.

  • The Right of Way

    The Right of Way


    While it feels like many early talkies have issues stemming from a lack of a proper score, this might be worse: draping the whole thing in a tired meandering string orchestra.

    Nagel started out somewhat entertaining but very annoying. Got hopelessly boring during his amnesia, and then was all over the place towards the end. I liked how he chose to still wear his Davy Crockett hat when reappearing back in town, and that no one cared to comment on…

  • Serpico



    For a while, while his trust in man faded and his number of pets kept growing, it looked like he was going to end up replacing human society entirely with animal companions

  • In the Cold of the Night

    In the Cold of the Night


    Not very gripping, but delightfully wacky.

  • My Soul to Take

    My Soul to Take


    Why on earth is this not more beloved? Wes Craven's last masterpiece, and from what I've seen his most twisted and entertaining since Shocker (to which it felt like a spiritual sequel) and The People Under the Stairs.

    After finally forcing myself through the Scream series recently I didn't have high hopes for the movie he directed right before 4, but this was such a breath of fresh air.

    I almost missed it because of the low average, but thankfully took note that all the actual reviews seemed to really like it.

  • Death Smiles on a Murderer

    Death Smiles on a Murderer


    The first five minutes are close to my perfect ideal for cinema, and most of the first third doesn't let up. But inevitably this becomes a bit of a hurdle - it starts at max, and toward the middle starts to struggle a bit trying to keep up with itself.

    That said, it's still pretty great! Beautifully shot beautifully sounding almost abstract fever-dreamy gothic soap opera madness.

    (Italian dub)

  • Miracle Mile

    Miracle Mile


    This is that dream where you have something very important you're already late for, but you're constantly getting sidetracked. Great, but very stressful.

  • Koyla



    This one has a pretty low average user score, because it's insane and some people want sane movies, because it's in part violent and bloody, which turns some viewers of these song and dance romances off, and, I assume, because the villains are rapey to a degree that probably make people uncomfortable.

    But for anyone who wants their emotionally violent and surprisingly horny 90s-posing-as-80s melodrama drenched in a feeling of psychosis this movie is a treasure. It starts running and…