• My Soul to Take

    My Soul to Take


    Why on earth is this not more beloved? Wes Craven's last masterpiece, and from what I've seen his most twisted and entertaining since Shocker (to which it felt like a spiritual sequel) and The People Under the Stairs.

    After finally forcing myself through the Scream series recently I didn't have high hopes for the movie he directed right before 4, but this was such a breath of fresh air.

    I almost missed it because of the low average, but thankfully took note that all the actual reviews seemed to really like it.

  • Death Smiles on a Murderer

    Death Smiles on a Murderer


    The first five minutes are close to my perfect ideal for cinema, and most of the first third doesn't let up. But inevitably this becomes a bit of a hurdle - it starts at max, and toward the middle starts to struggle a bit trying to keep up with itself.

    That said, it's still pretty great! Beautifully shot beautifully sounding almost abstract fever-dreamy gothic soap opera madness.

    (Italian dub)

  • Miracle Mile

    Miracle Mile


    This is that dream where you have something very important you're already late for, but you're constantly getting sidetracked. Great, but very stressful.

  • Koyla



    This one has a pretty low average user score, because it's insane and some people want sane movies, because it's in part violent and bloody, which turns some viewers of these song and dance romances off, and, I assume, because the villains are rapey to a degree that probably make people uncomfortable.

    But for anyone who wants their emotionally violent and surprisingly horny 90s-posing-as-80s melodrama drenched in a feeling of psychosis this movie is a treasure. It starts running and…

  • The Cabin in the Cotton

    The Cabin in the Cotton


    Enjoyably weird, pretty much every character being a ridiculous caricature played with heightened sincerity. And in the middle of it all Richard Barthelmess, a 37-year-old actor who is introduced playing the role of a playful young boy who has just started school, and whose character might stay within his teens for the duration of the movie (it's hard to say for sure). To make it better, for most of it he's so passive that he comes across as a meek…

  • Black Sun

    Black Sun


    A delirious tour de force of insane racial politics.

  • The People Under the Stairs

    The People Under the Stairs


    Reverse Home Alone in the Fritzl house, set in marginalized black USA, retold by the brothers Grimm.

  • Score



    The censored version (I e, the brittish Arrow blu-ray release) has a finale with so many cuts that it feels more like a clip show, with the pacing of a skipping record. But I'm not gonna hold that against the movie in the scoring. After a fumbling first half hour it gains speed and confidence and never lets go. Inspired and fun time capsule from the years after the sexual revolution but before the new boundaries were fully figured out.

  • An Evening in Paris

    An Evening in Paris


    The first hour is pretty awful, unless you're a fan of the hindi rom-com trope of a self-satisfied guy terrorizing a woman until she gives in - because that's all it offers. There's the "good guy", in various ridiculous guises to trick Deepa to spend time with him. There's the secretly no-good drunken gambler, who manages to get close to her by being the son of her father's Paris manager. And of course there is also Deepa's comic relief driver,…

  • April in Paris

    April in Paris


    "I'm Gonna Ring the Bell Tonight", a great song-and-dance-number that even managed to make dull male lead Ray Bolger shine - unfortunately surrounded by a lukewarm movie, barely carried to the finish solely by the charm of Doris Day.

    It's easy to imagine how this could have been a classic if they managed to maintain some of that enthusiasm for the rest of the film. Pity it didn't happen.

  • The Tokyo Mighty Guy

    The Tokyo Mighty Guy


    Pleasant enough, good looking and never really dull, apart from the beach were they stacked a few too many songs right after each other. But too meandering and directionless to reach any real level of greatness.

    Mostly memorable for Toranosuke Ogawa stealing the show as Onizaemon Ippon'yari, the angry old man with a soft heart.

  • Lucky Me

    Lucky Me


    Obnoxious and unfunny supporting protagonists. Not much of a plot. Forgettable music numbers, apart from an enjoyable introduction song. A chore to sit through.

    Look up the "Superstition Song" with Doris Day, and there's not much else you're missing, it's all downhill from there. You won't even need to worry about spoilers since it's literally the first scene.