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  • The Science of Fictions

    The Science of Fictions


    Yosep Anggi Noen's masterpiece, as usual, is close with social and politic issue in Indonesia with no overly dramatic, sort of the film wake us up and remembering the history that still floated away.
    Love the scoring and the camera movement! Excellent!
    This film may not be fun film, of course plus the massive time and space leap. But, I think, YAN smash the ordinary cinema plot. Anti-cinema!

    Karya Yosep Anggi Noen, seperti biasa, kental isu politik dan sosial dengan…

  • Memories of My Body

    Memories of My Body


    Instead of focusing on LGBTQ issue, this film is more about traumatic drama with underground Javanese culture.
    The emotions and story conflict is so intense.
    Love the javanese 'ngapak' monologue.
    Scoring and music's called Kejawen makes this film more live.

    Tidak hanya berfokus pada LGBTQ, saya menangkap film ini sebagai drama traumatis dibalut budaya jawa bawah tanah.
    Emosi dan konflik cerita intens. Monolog jawa ngapak susah dilupakan. Musik dan scoring kejawen tidak mendominasi suasana, alih-alih membuat film ini lebih hidup.