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  • The Seen and Unseen

    The Seen and Unseen


    Artistically haunting and richly spiritual. It elaborates with kids perspective on the feeling of loss and hopelessness, interweaving fantasy and psychology to connect to its audience.

    And it's an art film so... it's definitely a tough sit.

  • Faces Places

    Faces Places


    What truly stands out is the friendship between Agnes Varda and JR. I'm hatin' myself for not actually feeling or capturing the sense of the people's stories along their journey.

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  • Edge of Tomorrow

    Edge of Tomorrow


    Watching EDGE OF TOMORROW is like you're playing an RTS game with unlimited lives. It's an expanded, war version of GROUNDHOG DAYS, except that some of the formulas do not work that well. The more you get into the movie, the more you find there's something wrong--and you can't stop to re-think what you've just had because this movie keeps you moving (or accelerating) forward. That's why it's exhausting; it wants everything to end fast, with all possible (but ineffective) ways it has. Which is bad, because the premise is nicely introduced and, well, everything's fine in the beginning.

  • Satan's Slaves

    Satan's Slaves


    Joko Anwar's skillful charm on technical aspects didn't help this film from being yet another average horror film. Many elements of the story seem deeply problematic--or, may I say, dumb--as if they're there just to hype up the horrors. It may end up being a fun, crowd-pleasing film, 'though, if you enter the theater just absent-mindedly.