Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey ★★★½

Not sure why anyone would watch the movie without watching the show and then complain that they couldn’t follow it. I do understand the argument that a film is a different medium and thus should stand on its own, but what did people expect from a film SEQUEL to a tv series that ended a mere four years ago? I binged the entire series in a few months precisely because I figured the film was going to be made for the fans, not people who had never seen it before. This isn’t a revival of some 1980s product.

Anyways, the film is decent. Cinematography is darker and more cinematic than the show but essentially it feels like an extended episode. It juggles several storylines and gives most characters a moment to shine, the stuff with Barrow and Branson being the most compelling. But if you haven’t watched the show or don’t like the show, I’d stay away. If you do like the show, you’ll probably be satisfied, as long as you’re okay with the movie not offering much new besides being considerably more gay than any episode of the tv series.

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