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  • Shane



    Never before have I seen such an emotionally heavy Western. The painted backdrops make it feel almost magical and fairytale-like. The titular role is a mysterious guy who has his own rigid code to live by, who swoops in and out of this story having lived a life before and looking to live another after. I couldn't get over the meticulous eye that Stevens had when he was composing his shots. The fighting scenes were excellently blocked. Even the horses…

  • Brazil



    It's a dystopian satire on bureaucracy set in a surrealistic world. The famous facelift scene says it all, using the extreme and the absurd to poke at the outrageous things society is willing to do for public appearance. The passive attitude of the elite and the lower-class alike is all-too-real in a confined space. This attitude exists, and we've been there before. Hopefully we can keep the thought police at bay and continue to enjoy these great pieces of art…

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  • Bird Box

    Bird Box


    The biggest problem I have with this film is this: the characters can't look at the outside world, so why are we allowed? I know it's implausible for a film to commit to this entirely, but there's no reason we should be given a bird's-eye view of the river when the characters can't even see an inch in front of them. Give us more sound clues. Give us the feeling of entrapment and claustrophobia that the characters feel. That's one…

  • The Battle of Midway

    The Battle of Midway


    Doesn't seem like much today, but the courageous and badass John Ford gives us a glimpse into the future of documentary filmmaking and the up-close horrors of war.