Christopher Robin ★★

I didn't watch Christopher Robin when it first came out in 2018 but I can't help but think this would have been way more interesting from the daughter's perspective.

I mean imagine her finding the tree and Pooh then helping him find his lost friends and learning about the Hundred Acre Wood and her father from the inhabitants all while retreading the same ground her father did when he was young. Then her disappearance forces Christopher Robin to return to the Wood in order to find her and in the process he reconnects with her and himself. And bring Evelyn along because Hayley Atwell deserves better roles.

It was a shame how little her role was important to this film. She either nagged or had shots of her looking at/for someone. I mean at one point she even had to say "Hey, wait for me" because that's how unimportant she was to everyone in this film.

As it actually is, the first half of the film was so uninspired and frankly boring that I wasn't even sure sure I actually wanted to watch the second half. I had to force myself to finish it and it was just as uninspired and boring as the first half.

It feels like the filmmakers focused too much on getting back the grown-up audience instead of inspiring a new generation of kids to like Winnie the Pooh. Ostensibly, its a kids film so why in the world did we have to wait a whole hour and fifteen minutes for Pooh and the Gang to meet the kid?!