Elvis ★★★★½

Overall, it was a surprisingly understated Baz Luhrmann film. He incorporated his trademark style into the film and elements of the various time periods. Austin Butler did a fantastic job as Elvis. I do wish they had included more of the Black musicians who ultimately influenced Elvis's music.

Cinematography and sound design were all solid. I thought the modern songs weaved into the film were deftly done. Editing and story wise I can see the Citizen Kane inspiration on the film. The crotch shots were a hilarious choice that fit the man and situation. I also enjoyed the subtle Butler pun.

Storyline wise it does seem like they tried to make the audience sympathetic towards the villain of the situation by making Colonel Parker the main character. For a movie about Elvis, he is decentralized and made a sort of sideshow act in the film. Granted there have been plenty of movies about Elvis so I can see why telling Elvis's life story through a different person's eyes was chosen. The film did do a good job of showing the Colonel's manipulation and isolation of Elvis to take advantage of him. Narratively, it does make it seem like that is what led to Elvis's loneliness because he couldn't originally live the life he wanted.

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