Hereditary ★★★★

Ok so it's not often I say a movie is great...and I'm not going to say that now either but I will say that is was so close to being great until the last scene with Peter and the treehouse. I had feelings a whole range of them. Toni Collette was absolutely fantastic especially in the early parts. The scares were good, and at one point I found myself so engrossed I couldn't look away because I had to know what happened next and up until the end it was a great movie but I laughed in the part leading up to the ending and just the way it ended kind of took away from the horror and the suspense and because of that I can't say it was a great movie but rather only a really good one....but man it was sooooo close and I wanted it so badly to get there but it didn't. And I am more shook by the fact that it was almost a great film that for at least an hour after watching it I'm still sitting here going 'Oh Man' because of it, and rueing the fact that it isn't.